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Lathe Machine. Milling Machine. Drilling Machine. CNC Machine. Machine Tool. It is the approved classic gear drive stable drilling milling machine with bigger drilling capacity to uses even bigger spindle taper, the longer working table, more powerful driving motor and it is complete equipped with two digital display to show speed and spindle stroke. The optional 2-axis digital position indicator is for demanding users.

Convincing Arguments : Quality, Efficiency and Price. MM-BF30 Vario. Drilling-Milling Capacity. Drilling Capacity :. Face Milling Capacity :. Drilling-milling head. Cross table.

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Table Length :. Table Width :. T-Slot Number :. Load of cross table max. Electrical connection. Connecting Voltage :. Single Phase V or V. Connecting Frequency :. Motor Power :. Net Weight :. Gross Weight :. Packing Size :. Packing Type :. Export Type Wooden Case. Standard Accessory :. All these special optional spare parts could be delivery to you with your purchased machines together so as to save your transportation cost and save your time. Frequently Asked Questions :.

How can I visit there? Warmly welcome all clients to visit us at your convenient time. The technical department has a well-established team of technically highly qualified specialists. These well-founded expertise and technical department allows flexible and creative implementation of all requirements which are demanded for our products and service.

bf30 mill

The dynamic technical team of specialists comprises engineers, executives who had solid working experience in the field of offering one-stop complete solution for high precision machines.China manufacturing industries are full of strong and consistent exporters. We are here to bring together China factories that supply manufacturing systems and machinery that are used by processing industries including but not limited to: milling machine, grinding machine, rice mill.

Here we are going to show you some of the process equipments for sale that featured by our reliable suppliers and manufacturers, such as Mill Machine.

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bf30 mill

Order: 1 set.Page of 57 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 31 Troubleshooting Bench drilling machine, upright drilling machine 86 pages. Page 2: Table Of Contents 3. Page 3 6. In the case of specific dangers, we replace the pictogram General with a warning injuries to hazardous rotating parts. Page 6: Other Pictograms Activation for- Use ear protection! Use protective Use protective gloves! Wear a safety suit!

Protect the environment! Use protective gog- Contact address gles! Page 7: Proper Use. Disconnect the mill drill from the electrical power whenever cleaning or maintenance work is being carried out.

Page 8: Qualification Of Personnel Take additional preventive measures in order to safely avoid health hazards before pro- cessing flammable materials e.

Page 9: Safety Devices After actuating the button, turn it to the right, in order to restart the machine. Remove the protective cover only after the power plug of the mill drill has been pulled out of the receptacle. Separating protective Only switch on the mill drill if the protective equipment is closed.Hoose, Jr.

The laws of physics dictate that the mass of a solid object increases as the cube of the linear dimensions. This formula does not hold exactly for a mill, since it is not a uniform solid object, but as you scale a machine up to handle larger work, the weight increases rapidly. And in a machine tool, more weight is better since it makes the machine more resistant to vibration and able to handle heavier cutting loads. If you aren't familiar with their line of products, Sieg has a whole range of mills currently 11starting with the very small X0 all the way up the SX4.

The "S" prefix designates "Super", which is a more feature-rich version of each size variant. For example, the "S" versions of each model now use brushless DC motors which are smaller and produce greater torque than the conventional DC motors used in the standard versions of each mill.

bf30 mill

Apologies for the format of these tables - they look correct in the editor but not when published. Of course as the size of the mill is scaled up, you have a greater range of motion in each of the axis directions, allowing work on larger size objects. Additionally, larger mills are typically stronger and more rigid than their smaller counterparts, making it possible to take deeper and faster cuts to get a job done faster.

In some ways the SX4 is like a scaled-up version of the SX3. It keeps the best features of the SX3 and adds a few new ones, such as a dedicated motor to raise and lower the massive head, that are unique to this machine. That motor actually is as big as the main drive motor on the SX2 mini-mill. While still small compared to a classic Bridgeport-style millthe SX4 is about as large a machine as you are likely to have room for in the average suburban home or garage workshop.

METEX by OPTIMUM BF46V Milling Machine

Plus you don't need a forklift to move it more about that near the end of this article. Machine specifications from label on the head. As on most large machine tools, all of the major structural components of the mill are made from cast iron. Cast iron, due to its mass and grain structure, is dimensionally stable and is good at reducing vibration during cutting, which increases precision.

On the unit I received, the castings were clean and largely free from sand, grit and other residue of the casting process that often is found in new imported machinery. The mill is constructed from heavy cast iron. Typical of the tools manufactured by Sieg, the machined surfaces were protected during shipping by a layer of red packing grease to prevent rust while the machine is in transit from Shanghai to the customer.Lathe Machine.

Milling Machine. Drilling Machine. CNC Machine. Machine Tool. The spindle taper is now even much bigger, the working table is much larger and it is serially equipped with two Digital Displays, showing speed and spindle stroke. This great drilling milling machine has most of the same functions found on much larger milling machines : Cross Slide Table With Power Feed, 2-Axis Digital Readout, dovetail column, variable speed W powerful motor, MT3 or R8 spindle taper, Tapered gibs with double locks, large working table and the heavy-duty floor stand is optional.

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This is an excellent value and great for just starting out or even as a dedicated, multi-purpose milling machine in the shop or factory. Quality at a cost-efficient price and this variable speed drilling milling machine is for demanding users.

Convincing Arguments : Quality, Efficiency and Price. MM-BF30 Super.

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Drilling Capacity :. Face Milling Capacity :. End Milling Capacity :. Table Size :. Power Feed :. Digital Display :. Spindle Stroke :. Distance Spindle to Column :. Travel X-Axis :. Travel Y-Axis :. Travel Z-Axis :.

T-slot size :. T-slot Number :. Spindle taper :. MT3 or R8. Step of spindle speeds :. Variable Speed. Range of spindle speeds :. Spindle incline angle :. Mill Head Tilt-able :.Desktop size: x mm Spindle power: 2.

All machines of the series have a collector engine with a controlled rotational speed and a supply voltage of V. The infinitely variable speed control allows you to set the cutting mode as closely as possible to the design one - which allows you to fully utilize the tool's potential, prolong its service life and get the cleanest and most accurate surface.

METEX by OPTIMUM BF30 Milling Machine

Molded box-shaped column, dovetail guides, digital indication of quill feed - these solutions are present on all Optimum BF Vario desktop milling machines. Desktop size: x mm Spindle power: W Number of axles: 3 Optimum desktop milling machines are one of the first Optimum Maschinen skates; they are widely known for their precision, high quality, and the Please note: we sell and buy used machines. Not only the listed equipment is available, but also much more.

For more information, please contact. Installation and commissioning of machines in your production. The spindle is raised and lowered using the handwheel. Moving the carr The ARTCOR milling machine is an industrial-grade universal equipment designed for high-speed work and processing large volumes of materials.

The milling machine is ideal for fast cutting and filigree 3D pro Engraving-milling machine for the production of printing plates. The manufacturer is the Czech Republic. The working area is x mm. Depth up to 95 mm. The step is 3. Dimensions - hh mm. Location: Moscow, Russia. Manufacturer: Optimum machining centers. Interested in this machine? Seller Responsiveness:.

Specifications Condition: new. Category: Machining Centers in Russia.

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Description Desktop size: x mm Spindle power: 2. Get email updates for Optimum Email:.Precision drilling-milling machine with infinitely variable electronic speed control and digital spindle sleeve travel display. Solid dovetail ways, hand-scraped, provides for highest stability and optimum precision. A step up in power and performance.

A powerful 2. Danny — June 12, Spent a lot of time researching and comparing Mills as I wanted this to be my first and only Mill. After going to the factory an seeing the setup I was so impressed with the quality for price compared to a lot of the previous crap running around.

Now after a couple of months I have been even more impressed! There are no reviews yet. Precision drilling-milling machine with infinitely variable electronic speed control. Digital spindle sleeve travel display. Quality, efficiency and price. Solid, precise, largely dimensioned and precisely machined surface. Very wide speed range. Infinitely variable drive. High concentrically precision due to taper roller bearings, less than 0. Special steel covering of Z-Axes. Digital speed display. Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Boring, Reaming.

Large mm x mm Dimensioned Table. Included Accessories. Danny — June 12, Spent a lot of time researching and comparing Mills as I wanted this to be my first and only Mill. Related Products. Add to cart Quick View. Out of stock.

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