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What do you get when the Soviet Union wants a jet airplane purpose-built to service its massive farms and agricultural collectives? Still, the An-2s were incredibly reliable, cheap to produce and forgiving to fly.

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But by the mid s the USSR was looking at new ways to increase food production and cut food imports, and the An-2 was seen as a handicap to their ambitions. As such, a request for new aircraft was made, one that relied specifically on jet power, to become the technological all-star of communist farming. The first step was to build a test-bed to study exactly how jet technology would work in the agricultural role.

Lala-1 utilized the forward section of the an An-2 while its rear fuselage and tail were completely new. A jet engine out of an L Albatross jet trainer was mounted in its shortened rear fuselage.

For almost a year various tests were ran with Lala-1, while at the same time a completely new design was taking shape. This design would become the PZL M The PZL M was totally unique in appearance, with a twin boom tail, a pair of over and under wings connected by struts and huge tanks gallon tanks for chemicals.

It had a fixed tricycle landing gear and room for three crew. Up top was the aircraft jet engine, which put out around 3, pounds of thrust. Regardless of its jet engine, the design had a unique operating envelope, with a stall speed of just 67 mph, a top speed of only mph and a range of just miles.

On May 30th, the first PZL M prototype took to the skies, with another following nine months later. Additionally, it was grossly expensive to build, which was far from ideal for an aircraft that was supposed to replace thousands of An-2s in operation at the time. In the end just Ms were built, with production ending in As for the An-2 it aimed at replacing, it went on to be one of the most successful aircraft ever created with over 18, built and it still serves around the globe today.

Contact the author at Tyler jalopnik. The A. Shop Subscribe. Read on.For its strange looks and noisy engine it was nicknamed Belphegorafter the noisy demon. The aircraft was designed in Poland [3] in response to a Soviet requirement for a new agricultural plane, for use above the very large areas of Soviet farms, the kolkhoz collectives, and state-owned sovkhoz.

Poland had already produced the agricultural Antonov An-2R under licence for export back to the USSR, and agricultural planes became a Polish specialization within the Comecon.

pzl 15

The Soviets insisted on the use of a jet engine in the new aircraft, and also participated in the design process. It used the whole forward part of an An-2, together with its wings, while the rear part was cut off and replaced with a frame construction, housing an Ivchenko-Progress AI jet engine as used on the tri-engined Yakovlev Yak and the single-engined Aero L Albatros fighter-trainer.

The first variant of the M was flown on 30 Mayand the second prototype on 9 January During the next few years it was intensively tested, along with a pre-production series.

The M was shown at the Paris Air Show inwhere it was nicknamed the "Belphegor" due to its strange look. Serial production started in Soviet agriculture planned to order as many as 3, aircraft, but first experience of the M in actual service was disappointing. The jet aircraft was not economical, and production ceased in after aircraft were built; it was only used in the USSR.

The PZL M is believed to be the world's only jet agricultural aircraft i. The aircraft was a metal twin-boom sesquiplanewith a jet engine over the crew cabin. Part of lower wings and chemicals tanks were made of a laminate to avoid corrosion. The upper and lower wings were connected with two thick columns which housed the chemical tanks, L US gal each.

The tricycle landing gear was fixed. The crew was a single pilot; two technicians could be carried if necessary. The M was fitted with spraying and dusting gear, powered with compressed air.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Polish jet-powered biplane. Jane's All The World's Aircraft — London: Jane's Yearbooks, Polish Aviation Museum Cracow. Retrieved 3 December Samoloty w Lotnictwie Polskim in Polish.

PZL aircraft. Hidden categories: CS1 Polish-language sources pl Articles with short description All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles containing Polish-language text Commons category link is on Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.Following an agreement between the Polish and Soviet governments for the design and production of a new large agricultural aircraft, allocated the designation P.

Mielec M, design of this aircraft was initiated in late and the initial LLP-M15 prototype made its first flight on 30 May One M prototype and five pre-production aircraft followed, and completion of the development programme was signified by the award of a full certificate of airworthiness on 4 April Of unusual configuration, the M had unequal-span biplane wings, twin tailbooms extending aft to twin fins and rudders united by a high-set tailplane and elevator, and fixed tricycle landing gear.

A central fuselage nacelle provided accommodation for the pilot and, to his rear, had a cabin to seat two ground crew during ferry flights between operating areas.

The single turbofan power-plant was mounted above the fuselage nacelle, and two streamlined chemical hoppers occupied the full gap between each wing, mounted directly beneath the tailbooms, their combined chemical capacity litres. Plans had been made to manufacture 3, Ms, which had been given the name Belphegor duringbut production ended in after only had been built because the aircraft was uneconomical in operation, P.

pzl 15

These could have been agricultural workers or perhaps Special Forces troops. Along with the fixed undercarriage these created a lot of drag and increased the fuel consumption.

Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to Jim Bowerman? Behind the official agricultural use of this M was plane capable to be used during chemical warfare. At that time Russian didn't care how much fuel plane would burn. They were giving that crazy ideas such as M to Polish engineers to keep them busy and steer away from production of M Dromader and other good independent ideas. I'm not sure how many were build, I was flying one time on a glider cross country flight and have seen well over 30 at the Mielec Airport ready to be shipped to Russia.

A friend of mine, Polish born crop duster pilot who flown those planes, may have a first hand and very interested stories on the subject. Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to Waldemar? Only have been made for Russia. It was too expensive to maintain they gave the jets to Hungary, and others satellite Soviet Republics. Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to Episofique? The plane was only a prototype.

There was no production. If You'd like to see that airplanecome to Cracow. The only prototype is in Polish Aircraft Museum. Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to tiptop? A jet powered biplane????? Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to Sgt.? Hmmm- maybe a Forest fire fighting special? Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to Reg Saretsky?

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Your name: Your e-mail: Send an e-mail to wolf? Hello, friends: This is indeed the strangest, aircraft-like flying machine I've ever heard of and seen.

Are there more larger photos of it, its details, its cockpit and the like. I'd like to know this rare thing in detail. Seems incredible that it can fly. Should you have the material I've requested make it available for me as soon as you get it, please.

I will very highly appreciate your effort. A jet-powered biplane as well as cropduster? Now I've seen it all.

I wonder what the thinking was behind using this as a powerplant given lack of fuel economy.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

PZL Mielec M-15

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I landed Jet fuel island and have 2 issues.

pzl 15

Can't pump fuel to aircraft but I can pump from aircraft. Secondly, I can't open the utility door, it stucks on top I guess.This is a s era Soviet jet powered bi-plane, intended for crop dusting. Included are the Plamondon, M.

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By Michael E. View them.

PZL M-15 Belphegor

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We moderate all comments manually before they are approved. You can't expect aerobatics. The landing is all sustained. Is a strange plane but work well. A crop duster is supposed to crop dust, I thought. This one does not. Other than that it is a good model.

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A very unique aircraft. File Contents. File Contents This list displays the first files in the package. FX BMP WAV Kamov Ka Alligator Updated Package. F Eagle Package. Learjet 24 Updated Package. Tupolev Tu B-2 Updated Package. Ayres Turbo Thrush Updated Package. Tu And Tu Package Updated.After the fall of communism in Poland inthese manufacturers became separate companies, still sharing the PZL name.

Over time, most of the now-separate divisions were purchased by foreign concerns, and some continue to use PZL brand. The latter two types were used as basic fighters in the Polish Air Force from onwards. The last variant, PZL P. In the late s the company also developed several prototypes of more modern fighters and bombers — and a passenger airliner, the PZL.

PZL Mielec M-15 Belphegor

However, World War II prevented these aircraft from entering production. PZL was the largest Polish pre-war aircraft manufacturer. During World War II and five-year occupation, all Polish aviation industry was taken over by German firms, and as a result, almost completely destroyed.

By the end of the war, all factories were either ruined, or robbed from tooling. No engines nor suitable production facilities were available at first. Under the Soviet-influenced, centrally planned economyall indigenous projects were abandoned, in a favour of manufacturing Soviet-licensed aircraft.

pzl 15

After the fall of communism in Poland inall manufacturers became separate companies, initially state-owned, still sharing the PZL name. As the factory was rebuilt, it was renamed in as the WSK Nr. It first produced licensed versions of Soviet types and aircraft developed by other Polish companies.

The factory developed mainly light sports, trainer and utility aircraft. The best-known designs are the PZL Wilga utility aircraft, which was produced in larger numbers than any other Polish-designed aircraft; and the PZL Kruk agricultural aircraft. After the war the factory was named first PZL No. It became the biggest post-war Polish aircraft producer. Large numbers of aircraft were exported abroad, mostly to the USSR. It still produces M and M aircraft. Since it has become one of the world's major helicopter manufacturers, producing helicopters under Soviet licences, starting from the SM-1 Mil Mi In early the factory was acquired by AgustaWestland helicopters division under the Leonardo Helicopters brand.

The main Polish producer of gliders, its products were exported to many countries. However, for most of its history it did not carry PZL name. In the engine manufacturer WSK-Kalisz was created. It also produced Polish piston engines, such as the WN-3and other equipment.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: PZL Mielec. Glassp. Flight International. PZL aircraft. Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Commons category link is locally defined CS1 Polish-language sources pl Commons category link is on Wikidata.

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PZL M Iskierka. Wikimedia Commons has media related to PZL. PZL: P.It is the largest aerospace manufacturer in postwar Poland. Init was acquired by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporationretaining the brand. Between andthe company manufactured approximately 15, aircraft. In March there started manufacturing of the first aircraft— PZL. There were workers in Mielec was seized by the Soviet Army on 6 August At first, the factory was governed by the Soviets as a repair works.

On 22 July it was handed over back to Polish control. At first, it was aircraft repair works and produced mostly non-aviation items, like bus bodies, scales, etc. The factory in Mielec produced aircraft mostly under license or designed in other Polish bureaus. In also a small series of pre-war Polish Salamandra gliders was built. Fromthe factory developed a lot and became the biggest Polish aircraft producer. About Lims were built by In there were also produced Polish-designed piston trainers TS-8 Bies.

From there was produced Polish-designed jet trainer TS Iskrabeing a basic trainer in the Polish military aviation. Its successor, designed with a part of PZL Mielec, the PZL I Irydaappeared to be a failure for different reasons, mostly due to a lack of proper funding, and as such only a small series was built. The most numerous plane built in Mielec was the licensed Soviet Antonov An-2 utility biplane, produced from in different variants.

Apart from a license production, several aircraft were designed at Mielec in the s and 60s, but they did not enter production e. More profitable appeared a cooperation in designing. Inwith Soviet aid, Mielec designed the only jet agricultural aircraft in the world, the WSK-Mielec M Belphegorwhich was built between and for the Soviets. On the other hand, the factory started cooperation with American firms and the result was the very successful agricultural aircraft M Dromaderfirst flown in and produced and developed until now as of